Meet my swap partner.

I joined a  facebook group called bead peeps.  My partner post is long over due for this current swap so here I will do my partner introduction as well as post what I sent her. I will post what I received when Its here.

So for this swap I was given “Heather Richter” over at the blog

Ironically enough Heather and I belong to several face book groups together. And have drawn the conclusion that our style of beading is very similar.

We also watch a few of the same you tube video channels like “Jill Wiseman Designs”, or “Off the beaded path” I have found that I have learned so much from the two channels that I would not be where I am in  beading today if it weren’t for those two channels.

one of the other face book groups heather and I belong to had a beading challenge where you bead a tea pot with seed beads. sadly I had to sit that challenge out  because lets face it, me and peyote stitch do not get along well.  But heather joined in and here is her tea pot


she has also made the following.


This is what I sent her for her swap package I do hope she enjoys it all . I may have gone a wee bit over board.





Linda Anderson – Hostess –


.Linda Anderson

Natalie Davidson

Marcy Lamberson

Kathy Lindemer

Dita Basu Http://

Andrea Glick

Kristina Peck

Shai Williams

Catherine La Vite

Christina Hickman

Gloria Allen

Teresa Schurter

Maria Rosa Sharrow

Susan Kelly

Jenny Kyrlach

Michelle McCarthy

Terry Jeanette Carter

Lee Koopman

Laurie Vyselaar

Marianne Baxter

Divya N

Kelly Hosford Patterson

Johana Nunez

Kari Asbury


Kristina Hahn Eleniak

Robin Lynne Showstack

Rosantia Petkova

Claire Fabian

Inge von Roos

Rachel Mallis

Sam Waghron

Lori Schneider

Fay Wolfenden

Nan Smith

Lori Poppe


Suse Stelljes

Ginger Bishop

Nelly May

REbecca White

Sheila Prosterman

Catherine King


Krafty Max

Renetha Stanziano

Becky Pancake

Katy Heider

Deborah Apodaca

Heather Richter

Tami  Norris

Brandy Scozzari

Catherine King

Kathleen Breeding

Veralynne Malone

Bobbie Rafferty

Lori Blanchard

Catherine King


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